Catalog for children's educational and adventure tourism in Historical Park

Historical Park, village of Neofit Rilski, Vetrino municipality, Varna region

The programs in the catalog were developed according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Culture, based on our successful cooperation with Bulgarian schools and a team of qualified sports pedagogues and instructors. An irreplaceable resource for the benefit of the Bulgarian education system and the upbringing of children.

In the Historical Park, eras are recreated in separate areas and each becomes a classroom where children immerse themselves in history through experience. They see the characters, touch their tools, weapons, see their clothes while listening... This is the best way to approach the real historical periods, characters and events they learn about in school. The important and valuable information is presented in the form of specially designed leisure activities and challenges, and the team of qualified sports pedagogues and instructors completely take over the work with the children.

Each of our programs enriches students' knowledge and helps teachers present school material in an attractive, interesting and memorable way. The motivation, curiosity and interest of the students increases, and the teachers have the opportunity to conduct their lessons in the largest and most beautiful outdoor classroom: the Historical Park. Visits to our site strengthen children's interest in the historical past and foster a sense of national pride and cultural identity. We teach children timeless values and ubiquitous in our ancient culture.

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