The Bulgarian people possess a close relationship with the horse. This noble animal is a characteristic and important symbol, a testimony of our origin and heritage. Depiction of riders are found on a variety of archaeological artefacts – ornaments, clothing, amulets, but also on coins, images or even engraved in stone.

Equestrian science on the Bulgarian lands has been well developed since the times of the Thracians. Homer has repeatedly described horses in Thrace, calling our ancestors "enthralled with horses". This is a characteristic of the Thracians that remained during the centuries of Antiquity.

Among the Proto-Bulgarians, the horse was revered as a sacred animal. Honour and respect towards the horse was even part of the existing law system. Anyone who dared to ride his war horse in peacetime would be punished by death. The warrior who did not care well for his horse had to suffer the same fate. Battle horses behaved differently from the others.

Except for war and transport, horses were used intensively by the ancient Bulgarians for entertainment purposes. They regularly participated in celebrations, contests, races, and military games, as depicted on the Pliska graphite drawings.

The relationship between the rider and the horse is not only physical but also psychological. The contact that is built between man and beast, the care for one another and working together creates prerequisites for achieving spiritual balance. Horse riding enables direct contact with living nature, to extract oneself from the urbanised world in which we live today and return to our roots.

At the Historical Park, enthusiasts and visitors of the site will be able to experience the ancient culture of our ancestors by discovering the connection between themselves and the noblest animal - horse, bearer of the indomitable and freedom-loving Bulgarian soul.

Horse riding takes place on an outdoor circular arena under the guidance of an experienced instructor who leads the horse. 

The attraction lasts 10 minutes and costs 25 levas.

IMPORTANT: All outdoor attractions may be affected by the weather or other conditions on site. We recommend that you confirm by phone the presence of the attraction on the day of the visit and ask for your understanding if the conditions change during the visit and that you might not have the opportunity to enjoy it.