Birds of prey are the indisputable masters of the skies. Their accuracy, speed, and power have filled humans with wonder since the dawn of mankind. Many heroes and rulers, aristocratic clans and dynasties have taken raptors as their personal symbol.

The use of predatory birds for hunting is an ancient art dating back over 12,000 years. It was the first attempt to tame and use a wild animal as an auxiliary.

The training of birds of prey requires a lot of patience, skill and time. Predatory birds need a very specific kind of care, which create a unique bond between them and humans. In the Middle Ages, falconry hunting was prised among noblemen, and well-trained birds were highly valued and given as a sign of respect by one ruler to another.

At the Historical Park, every visitor can feel the excitement of the proximity with those all-powerful lords of the air. Tourists and visitor will be able to enjoy an open demonstration of the skills and mastery of raptors (7 of them). During a special guided tour, our handlers will tell you more about them.

Those wishing to do so can take an individual photo with a bird of prey (hawk or falcon)

The attraction is suitable for visitors over 12 years and costs 12 leva.

IMPORTANT: All outdoor attractions may be affected by the weather or other conditions on site. We recommend that you confirm by phone the presence of the attraction on the day of the visit and ask for your understanding if the conditions change during the visit and that you might not have the opportunity to enjoy it.