The bow and arrow emerged as a weapon in the dawn of human history and civilisation. Rock paintings of Prehistoric people armed with bows were found in Bulgaria in the cave of Magura (estimated to be older than 7 000 years).

Our ancient predecessors, the Thracians, and their descendants, the Proto-Bulgarians were incredible archers who owed a large part of their victories due to their skillful use of this weapon. Archery is also highly respected in various Asian countries (China, Japan, Korea, etc.). In many of their legends, the most glorified heroes are often exceptional archers. The widespread popularity of archery is found in many stories and ballads of folklore. In Homer’s “Odyssey”, Odysseus is depicted as a hero possessing unmatched talent in archery. The tales of the English archer and defender of the weak Robin Hood have also become world-famous.

One of the Japanese military martial arts, also known as Kyudo, combines a sophisticated etiquette with refined archery techniques. Today, this activity is practiced as a way of physical, moral and spiritual growth.

The art of the bow introduces the archer to discipline, self-improvement, and tenacity. Excellent results are only achieved by constant practice and self-improvement. In doing so, by striving to control the emotions raging within himself in order to achieve a successful shot, one becomes a harmonious balance with the surrounding world. The higher the complexity of a shot, the more skills we acquire to cope with daily trials and difficulties, by increasing and strengthening our will.

At the Historical Park, we offer visitors traditional archery on target under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

For those who want to compete in this noble science and art, we offer to organise a small tournament (for groups of over 5 people) without any extra charge.

The attraction is suitable for people over 7 years and costs 10 levas.

The attraction has an option "Archery lesson", which includes a detailed explanation and extended time with the instructor. The price of "Shooting lesson" is 20 levas.

IMPORTANT: All outdoor attractions may be affected by the weather or other conditions on site. We recommend that you confirm by phone the presence of the attraction on the day of the visit and ask for your understanding if the conditions change during the visit and that you might not have the opportunity to enjoy it.