There are two food restaurants on the territory of the Historic Park.

The menu is made up of authentic, ancient recipes, typical of the various epochs and regions of Bulgaria.

The emphasis in the assortment is dishes and drinks in the preparation of which only raw Bulgarian products of a craft character are used.

The main product in most assortments is the einkorn wheat, the staple food of the Thracians. We use it only in its purest and most authentic form. The grain is grown on the Rhodope Mountains in small agricultural fields. The einkorn in this region has no equal when it comes to its mineral content (grown on zeolite-rich soils) and very low, almost equal to 0, in gluten.

The vegetables come from the gardens managed by the Historical Park, located on the land of the village of Neofit Rilski.

Only here can you taste the old Bulgarian variety of Pink tomatoes from Kurtovo, delivered directly from the gardens of the village of Kurtovo Konare, in the Plovdiv region. They are unsurpassed in their taste and benefits.

In the plate of our selection of cheeses, you can taste the one of a kind Green Cheese from the village of Cherni Vit, in the Troyan region. It is one of the only three cheeses in Europe that is naturally matured with green mold. The mold is unique because it occurs in the wild in that area. It has never been impacted by human exploitation and modification.

The beer on tap is a traditional, craft beer brewed according to an authentic recipe in a small brewery in the area of Aksakovo. Its main ingredients are einkorn wheat and barley. It is enriched with honey and mursala tea.

In our menu, a special emphasis is placed on banitsas (Bulgarian traditional pastries). Handmade with home-grown products, they are baked with stuffing typical of different parts of Bulgaria.

Our menu also involves the ancient recipes from Volga Bulgaria. Our team was trained by the best chefs from the Republic of Tatarstan in the preparation of pastry and meat delicacies: Ech Patchmak, Elesh, Becken and others.