The Holy Eagle

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Contes de fées pour enfants

The Bulgarian nation к an ancient and proud one. It woo by the sword tire right to rule the land it innablts. The Bulgarian nation leave behind an exciting history and a nch spiritual heritage. The senes .Stories of ancient Proto-Bulgarians' will take you to a magical world In which the courage, wisdom and sacrifice in the name of the Fatherland illuminate the path of the most worthy among the people. 

Bcrloit was a brasc Bulgarian warrior. To save his family and tnbe from the terrible drought, who reigned on the ground, he took a long and dangerous |oumey to the home of Tangra V\hat obstacles was be going to encounter and what kind of reward the God of the Blue sky would gist him for his courage, you will learn from the pages ol the Holy Eagle.

Authors: Mariela Angelova/Miroslav Petrov
Drawings: Veselin Tchackurov
Design/caricature: Ventsislav Velikov
Editor/proof reader in Bulgarian: Vania Koleva
Editor/proof reader in English: Denitsa Yordanova
Translation: Denitsa Yordanova