Bayan the invincible

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Contes de fées pour enfants

The Bulgarian nation is an ancient and proud one. It won by the sword the right to rule the land it inhabits. The Bulgarian nation leaves behind an exciting history and a rich spiritual heritage. The series “STORIES OF ТHE ANCIENT BULGARIANS” will take you to a magical world in which the courage, wisdom and sacrifice in the name of the Fatherland illuminate the path of the most worthy among the people.

The hordes of the Khazars are coming. The time has come for the sons of khan Kubrat to leave the magnificent Fanagoria to seek a new home for their tribes. The eldest of them — Bayan, has the duty to remain in the fatherland and to protect it against the invaders. His courage and will to defend the native land make even the ruler of the powerful Khazar state to bow his head respectfully to the power of the Bulgarian spirit. Race with Bayan the Invincible among the pages of this exciting story, fill your hearts with the never-dying flame of our ancient people.

Authors: Mariela Angelova / Miroslav Petrov
Drawings: Veselin Tchackurov
Design: Ventsislav Velikov
Editor/proof reader: Denitsa Yordanova
Translation: Denitsa Yordanova