Sculpture of King Teres I

599.00 levs
Thracian rulers

It is believed that Teres I marked the beginning of the first powerful Thracian state in the early 5th century BC. It stretched from the rivers Maritsa, Arda and Tundzha to the shores of the Black, Marmara and Aegean Seas. The capital of the Odrysian kingdom is considered to be Uskudama (present-day Edirne), but in principle the location of the rulers determines the capital, and they constantly roamed their lands, staying in various royal residences.One of these royal cities was probably Kabile near the modern-day city of Yambol.

King Teres went down in history as a strong warrior, diplomatic strategist and long-lived leader. He died around 448 BC, at the age of 92. his son Sparadok succeeded him on the throne.

His sculpture is a suitable gift for any occasion or would suit purposeful people, good strategists or diplomats.


Signature brass sculpture weighing about 3 kg

Wooden pedestal with a brass plate with the inscription Height ~ 30

Luxury wooden box, rosewood colour with dimensions: 32 x 16 x 14 cm

Certificate in the form of a scroll