Sculpture of a Thracian warrior - silver

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Thracian rulers
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Thanks to the various documents, historical evidence, sculptures and frescoes in the Thracian tombs, we have information regarding the appearance of the Thracians.

The ancient Greek and Roman historians Titus Livy, Plutarch, and Arian described our ancestors in their writings as large, strong, and masculine people who loved freedom. Herodotus called the Thracian tribe of the Getae "the bravest, but also the most just". In the Iliad, Homer enthusiastically reveals in detail the combat armament and protective armor of the Thracians. It was believed that they were among the best, but also the most beautifully equipped warriors in Antiquity.

In order to get a clear idea of ​​the greatness of their appearance, we created this reconstruction of a Thracian warrior in full combat gear. We made the sculpture in two versions - bronze and silver.

It is suitable as a gift for men or companies that have the power to defend freedom, justice and their unadulterated individuality.


Signature silver-plated sculpture weighing about 3 kg

Wooden pedestal with brass plate with inscription

Height ~ 30 cm

Luxury wooden box, rosewood colour with dimensions: 32 x 16 x 14 cm