Neolith and Halcolith


In 1972, the treasure from the Varna Chalcolithic necropolis was discovered during the excavation of a cable trench in the industrial zone of Varna, not far from city’s lake. The elements of the hoard of Varna were dated to a period close to 4500 BC. 

According to Dr. John Chapman, member of an international team that examined the treasure, it is older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. Its age is approximately 7,000 years.

But besides its ancient origins, the treasure is an amazing testimony of ancient engineering prowess and advanced scientific knowledge. The civilisation that inhabited the lands of Lake Varna was familiar with the golden ratio (Phi) and the number Pi (3.14), reflecting the relationship between the length of a given circle and its diameter.

In one of the graves, archaeologists found two golden bulls of different sizes. The smaller one is marked with 45 punctures and the larger one with 56. These two numbers, multiplied by the height of the larger bull (58.17 mm), give exactly the value of the height of the great Pyramid of Cheops - 146.58 m.

Another fact of great interest is that the royal cubit, which was used as a unit of measure by the architects of the Egyptian pyramids, was the standard set for the artefacts of the Varna treasure. A ceramic bowl with gold inlays was discovered and shows a diameter equal to exactly one royal cubit, or 52.36 cm.

These pricey items were the property of an important king-priest, as evidenced by the scepters that were unearthed. In those ancient times, just like today, the true power of knowledge was only accessible to the chosen and the powerful, to leaders who constantly followed the path towards progress and made efforts to improve the world and make it a better place to live.

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