Chocolate bar "Legacy"

50.00 lv

The chocolate bar "Legacy"  is the first chocolate painting of its kind. A work of art created for the Historical Park. This is probably the most spectacular and beautiful project (chocolate bas-relief) that has been realized in Europe so far! It contains 58% dark chocolate and has the finest partial surface coating. The details of the chocolate painting speak of high understanding and devotion. This is the only chocolate in Bulgaria, which is exactly a reproduced copy of Miroslav Yotov's masterpiece - "The Legacy of Khan Kubrat". There is no other similar product created so far that has a similar attitude to detail.

Give you and your loved ones the beauty of the detail!

Net quantity: 550 gr.

This chocolate bar can only be purchased at the Historical Park. NO COURIER SHIPMENTS ARE OFFERED FOR THIS PRODUCT.

Created for the Historical Park by Kalinov Art Chocolate.