The wreath of king Kotys

4,00 levas
Contes de fées pour enfants

Once upon a time bulgarian lands have been inhabited by the thracian people. Powerful and fearless amidst the battle, wise and swift in the domain of the arts our distant ancestors worshipped myriads of cods. Along the pages of thracian tales the reader will get to know the famous deeds and intricate adventures among the most famous ones.

With its laurel wreath, the goddess kotyto brought to the earth rich crop and blessing. But besides the fountain of life, the magical object hid within itself a terrible power.

The athenian military commander iphicrates dared to steal the goddess's crown', he was turned into a terrible bull.the only person who was able to stop the destruction caused by the bull and to spoil the magic was the brave thracian king kotys.

Authors: Mariela Angelova / Miroslav Petrov
Drawings: Veselin Tchackurov
Design: Ventsislav Velikov
Editor/proof reader: Denitsa Yordanova
Translation: Denitsa Yordanova