Antropomorphic Pitcher

1700.00 levs
The Panagyurishte Gold Treasure

Anthropomorphic jug with griffins, a lion's head, sphinx and palm trees. The rich and exquisite decoration of this vessel requires a detailed description to determine the symbolism of each mythical creature depicted. Griffins are an ancient symbol of solar energy, fierce protectors of wealth. They protect life and the serenity of earthly rulers and bring resilience to the earth cycle.The hybrid being is believed to be an expression of the dual nature of man.The lion's head is a solar symbol that embodies power, strength, courage, wisdom, generosity and justice.This head is intertwined in the neck of the female face, suggesting that everything depends on how we express our thoughts and how powerfully we transmit them to the people around us.The sphinx symbolizes dignity, royal power, wisdom and stregth.The palm is a divine tree or also called the tree of life.

This jug is a suitable option for a gift for a wedding, birthday or for a special person with a knack for art or wine, to whom we wish wisdom, beauty, longevity and strength.


Rhytonized jug, handmade from copper and gilded with 24-carat gold

Height: 20 cm

Weight: 119 g

Dimensions of the box: 18.5 x 28.5 x 14 cm,

weight: 1838 g

color: light brown

Certificate in Bulgarian and English