Young Ram Head Rhyton

1700.00 levs
The Panagyurishte Gold Treasure

The other rhyton from the Panagyurishte treasure represents the head of a young ram with barely protruding horns. The handle of the vessel ends with the figure of a lion. Dionysus (Zagreus) is a Thracian god of the reviving and dying nature, of wine, viticulture and merriment. Here is how the great Euripides describes them in the tragedy Bacchantes": "They let their hair down on their shoulders. They tied their long locks and wrapped colourful snakes around their skins, and the reptiles licked their sides. And the new mothers were full-breasted.Leaving their children, they grabbed fawns and young wolf cubs and nursed them with white milk, one hit the rock with her wand and a clean spring of water instantly burst, and another hit the ground with her staff and God send streams of wine on her. At the appointed time, they swung their thyrsi with inspiration and called Dionysus, son of Zeus, in unison. The mountain and the game entered a frenzy. Everything was in motion, then the unarmed attacked the cattle grazing in the pastures. Ribs, hooves were thrown back and forth. Drops of  blood dripped from the fir branches, and the fierce bulls, who stood fierce an instant before, were slain without mercy. And the unfortunate bodies were falling under the thousand strikes of the maiden hands. 

The rhyton is handmade from copper and gilded with 24-carat gold

Length: 22 cm

Dimensions of the box: 27 x 20 x 17.5 cm,

weight: 2000 g,

color: light brown

Certificate in Bulgarian and English