The lord of the wolves

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Children's Tales

Once upon a time bulgarian lands have been inhabited by the thracian people. Powerful and fearless amidst the battle, wise and swift in the domain of the arts our distant ancestors worshipped myriads of cods. Along the pages of thracian tales the reader will get to know the famous deeds and intricate adventures among the most famous ones.

Dromichaetes was a great thracian king. He ruled the powerful thracian tribe getae. Dromichaetes was brave and fearless and he was called the "lord of the wolves" by his subjects. When greedy enemies tried to conquer the lands of cetae, dromichaetes not only defeated them but also he took their leader to his sunny capital, where he gave him a moral lesson of valour and nobility.

Authors: Mariela Angelova / Miroslav Petrov
Drawings: Veselin Tchackurov
Design: Ventsislav Velikov
Editor/proof reader: Denitsa Yordanova
Translation: Denitsa Yordanova