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Hiking near the Historical Park

Dive into the embrace of nature with the incredible views and challenges that you will discover during the hikes near the Historical Park!

The organised hikes near the Historical Park aim to ignite the interest in places, forgotten nowadays, but  that were so important in the past. At the same time, our team strives to remind Bulgarians how strong the interdependence between man and nature is. Bulgaria is proud of its innumerable riches and its nature is one of the most valuable. It is a source of energy, inspiration and strength to achieve memorable and great deeds. We all care to fight and preserve this source of life for the future generation.

We have organised for you hiking tracks to three of the most wonderful places near the village of Neofit Rilski. They are suitable for all age groups and do not require specific physical training. During the hikes you will enjoy the tranquility of nature and guided visits, revealing accents from the past in these lands. You will also experience the pleasure of enjoying delicious, traditional Bulgarian food in an untouched and clean atmosphere.

The duration of one hike from the departure from the parking lot of the Historical Park to the return to the same place is about 3 hours.

Transport: private or organised by us.


"Kara Peshtera" Rock Monastery, Staroselets village

  • Duration of the hike: 40 minutes
  • Length of the hike in one direction: 2.4 km.
  • Elevation of the terrain in one direction: 10m + and 76m-

Gradishte and rock church "St. George", village of Staroselets

  • Duration of the hike: 1 hour
  • Length of the hike in one direction: 3.6 km.
  • Elevation of the terrain in one direction: 148m- and 137m+

Golyamoto Bulo, village of Nevsha

  • Duration of the hike: 30 minutes
  • Length of the hike in one direction: 1.2 km
  • Elevation of the terrain in one direction: 56m-


Recommended equipment for an enjoyable experience:

  • Comfortable shoes with gripper;
  • High index sunscreen, hat / bandana, sunglasses;
  • Clothing suitable for hiking ;
  • Water;

A wide smile and love for nature.

* You have the opportunity before the hike to buy clean and tasty food from the restaurants in the Historical Park;

* You have the opportunity to take out travel insurance for at least 24 hours before the start of the hike;

* For questions and more information: tel: +359896612175