Historical Heroes

"Freedom, fearlessness, nobility, valour, selflessness, honour... these are our ideals. That is why we wanted to revive the interest in Bulgarian history, its heroic beginning and timeless human qualities. Inspired by the past and the tales of heroic decisions that even ordinary people had to take in their life, we made accessories for mobile devices with reproductions of paintings depicting historical events and figures who lived in our lands.

We believe that the introduction of artistic elements in the daily lives of modern people would add value, and why not, advice in their personal search for the meaning of life.

We wish you an exciting adventure called Life and do not forget that the heroes of the present are living through you!

Through its work and existence, "Historical Heroes" fully supports the fine arts, and historical painting in particular. Our mission is to inspire the modern man to live like a hero, helping to create and promote paintings with historical themes. Let more and more Bulgarians live as free and independent people and always remember that tomorrow we will get just as much freedom and happiness as we fight for today! "