The Historical park is "The Choice of the Bulgarians" for the third year in row.

The Historical Park participated for the third consecutive year in the annual awards organised by the Ministry of Tourism. The Choice of the Bulgarians for 2021 is once again the Historical Park. For three consecutive years, Bulgarians have shown that a project that revives Bulgarian history, fights for Bulgarian identity and is built by ordinary people, is worthy of recognition and support. The team of the Historical Park would like to thank each of you, because this choice and this award are yours!

More than 250 sites from all over the country took part in the selection, and the ranking of the first 10 sites is as follows:

1. "Historical Park", village of Neofit Rilski - 2527 votes

2. Mountain Lodge "Trigrad rocks"; Devil's Throat Cave - 577 votes

3. Natural History Museum - 566 votes

4. House - Museum "Ivan Vazov" - 507 votes

5. Canyon at the waterfalls - 398 votes

6. Regional open-air ethnographic museum "Etar" - 327 votes

7. Regional History Museum - 277 votes

8. Literary and Art Museum "Chudomir" - 267 votes

9. Monument "Holy Mother of God" - 209 votes

10. Church "St. VMCHK Georgi ”- 205 votes

The largest cultural and historical complex in the world also participated in the category "Innovation", in which it also achieved its first success, thanks to the people who believe in it! The winners in this category are as follows:

1. Historical Park, Varna

2. Ethnographic open-air museum "Etar", Gabrovo

3. Wine event - International Mavrud Day

4. Primorski Shopping Center - boutique stage for art and culture "Clock Tower", resort St. konstantin and Elena

5. All in one solution 9 high - tech solutions - one Smart Extranet - TravelLine Bulgaria

6. Heterotopia Project, Botevgrad Municipality and Leskovets National Museum

7. Summer Festival "Opera of the Peaks" - Belogradchik Rocks

8. Museum "House of Humour and Satire", Gabrovo

9. Municipality of Gabrovo - Carnival 2021.

Our team would like to thank you and is waiting for you, both in the winter and in the 2022 season, during which new and interesting events will take place!