The only chocolate painting in Europe in the Historical Park

In the Historical Park, attention is paid to detail and for us it is extremely important to enhance value with each of our creations. Some time ago, we started a project to create a product that has no analogue in Europe.

Once the "Legacy of Khan Kubrat" was recreated through the work of Miroslav Yotov and later the picture became an emblematic symbol of unification. Many cars in Bulgaria are already branded with this painting and remind every day, to the Bulgarians in our country and abroad about the power of unification and what Khan Kubrat bequeathed to us.

From today, we can see this symbol in the form of chocolate picture, the first of its kind:  "The Legacy". Never seen before, this chocolate is the size of a painting and weighs 550 g, produced with 58% chocolate and has the finest surface coating. Even the faces of Kubrat and his sons can be seen in the photo. We can immerse ourselves in history through a culinary chocolate masterpiece.

The Legacy chocolate is an interesting and unique gift you can make for you, your family, relatives and friends. Let us be proud that we are Bulgarians and remember Kubrat's legacy, that "together, united, we can achieve everything", even in the daily gestures we show to those we love.

You can buy the product on the spot from the Historical Park or order it through our website here. At the moment, the product can not be sent by courier yet. Requests are taken directly from the souvenir shop in the Historical Park.

Be carriers of the Bulgarian spirit at any time!