Impresia Joins the Historical Paintings Contest "The Cyrillic Script"

 Founded 25 years ago, Impresia chose established brands with history and proven quality. It quickly became a place where every painter and hobby artist can discover the most suitable tools to express themselves. Nowadays Marabu, Faber-Castell and Fabriano are still a source of inspiration for many creators. Impresia’s long-standing expertise and the vast variety of quality artistic supplies makes it a magical place for every style and taste.

 In Impresia, you will find a rich palette of products for children, students, hobby and professional artists. Impresia offers the full assortment of Faber-Castell’s Art & Graphic product line and is the exclusive distributor of the German brand Marabu for Bulgaria. In addition, you can find all artist supplies you need such as tripods, palettes, canvases and brushes whose quality will not disappoint you and will make your creative process pleasant and fun.

 The wonderful news for the smallest participants in the historical paintings contest “The Cyrillic Script” is that in the end of the exhibition, Impresia will award some of them with special gifts to unleash their imagination and indulge in creativity with. Let’s put our joint efforts into spreading the Bulgarian history through art and show the world how proud we are to be Bulgarian!

 For contest rules, signing up and additional information, click here.

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