Shooting competition with the Saiga Semi-Automatic Rifle

In the beginning you have no experience, you feel interest and curiosity about the new hobby, but you are determined to achieve better results.

The factors that play an important role in the development of every individual shooter are:

1. The instructor.

As with any new beginning, it is important to have a person next to you, a professional in the field, who can guide you towards the correct path regarding competitive shooting. He will introduce us to the type of firearm and detail its components. He will tell us more about its purpose and construction, to show us how to hold the weapon, where the fingers should rest and how to load the magazine.

2. The body posture.

It plays an important role both in the loading of the weapon itself and during the firing. If we do not use our body properly during shooting, we can injure ourselves or others.

3. Breathing control.

Frequent breathing and anxiety will not help. For proper performance, stop breathing for a moment, focus and shoot!

Shooting as an experience brings adrenaline and strong emotion, which is important to be able to control while pressing the trigger to hit the desired target.

On February 7th, a competition with the Saiga semi-automatic carbine was held near the Historical Park, which introduces the feeling of firepower and rapid fire. The target was placed at a distance of 150 meters and rather small in size for additional difficulty during the competition.

The competition was attended by 25 people of different ages, 6 girls and 19 boys. Each of them had 15 cartridges. 5 were used as a training, before another 10 were used in counting the points.

Here is what some of the participants in the competition told us:

"It might sound selfish, but I will share what impressed me the most. When I shot for the second time since we started training, I was quite disappointed that I was holding the record for one of the rifles that was being a problem for everyone. I scored 8/10 points and internally it bothered me that I did not achieve a perfect result. The interesting thing about the current shooting was that I scored 10/10 and I realized that I shot with the same weapon only at the end of the race. If I had understood it earlier, I would probably have been worried and the result would not have been so good. " - Anka Hristova

"It was the first time that I participated in this type of competition. It was a completely new experience for me and I am happy with the result. I see a great sense in developing, all of us and on a human level with such an endeavour. I hope to be the winner of the next similar competitions. " - Ivan Stoev

"I am relatively pleased with the result. In the preliminary shots I think I hit 4 out of 5, and in the race 5 out of 10. It could have been much better. Compared to the previous race, where I hit almost nothing, I dare say that this time I am certainly happier with the result. " - Argir Argirov

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