Historical Park, village of Neofit Rilski, Vetrino municipality , Varna region

From 30.07 to 31.07.2022, the HISTORICAL PARK will host the First International Ancient Festival "ODRIUZA, Cradle of the Thousand Cities", dedicated to the Thracian civilization and the state tradition of the Odrysian kingdom (town of σασίλειον Ὀδρυσῶν in 5th century BC (480 BC) and annexed to the Roman Empire in the first century (46 BC).

The festival will take the form of a highly structured event, including the Odrysian Royal Feast - "WINE OF THE GODS", the first Thracian war games - "ARETE" and the performances of associations for historical reeactment, freelance reconstructors, master craftsmen. , musicians and artists from Bulgaria and abroad.

The two festival days will be full of battles and rituals, and the nights with wine, songs and dances of the gods.

The most famous among the Thracians spearmen and horse-loving Getaes, shield-bearing devoted men from the Hellenic coastal cities, iron-hearted warriors from the mighty Rome and brave Scythian men, will be among the chosen ones the king will receive in Odryiuza, among temples of gods, royal palaces, tombs and statues of ancient heroes, sculpted of bronze and marble, erected of stone and wood, decorated in copper and gilding.

In the men's hall of feasts, the favorites of the gods will become their table guests, feasting on the cups of the initiates, getting drunk with the divine "zeila" - the drink of Dionysos. They will offer sacrifices before the altars and the gods will witness their decisions.

On the day of the battles, when the storms of Ares erupt, the leaders of men will win glorious victories, will adorn their heads with laurel wreaths, and the walls of their bright temples with the bloody armour of the enemy. And their names will be sung from the mouth of Nestos at Abdera and all the way to the Black Sea and from Byzantium on the White Sea to the great river Istros. Tales of their great deeds will spread to the great Athens and Sparta and reach the mighty Rome.

BE WITH US during the First International Ancient Festival: Odryiuza, Cradle of the Thousand Cities on 30.07 - 31.07.2022 in the HISTORICAL PARK, village of N. Rilski.