International Traditional Archery Tournament “Historical Park"

Historical Park
international archery tournament

From the 8th until 10th of May 2020 at the biggest culture-historical and architectural complex Historical Park will be held the tournament with the largest prize pool in the world - the International Traditional Archery Tournament “Historical Park". Archers from more than 25 countries are invited and expected to take part at the tournament. They will compete in archery of historical shapes of bow from Antiquity until the Middle Ages.

Regulations of the tournament will include three days in which qualifications will be held on the 8th and 9th of May and finals on the 10th of May. Archery will be at several types of traditional historical targets – Bulgarian swivel (or spinning) target “Zmeeborets” (Dragon fighter), Ottoman target “Puta” and competition in different distances from 10 to 60 m. The tournament is open and all the admirers of this ancient art can take part in it. Necessary (or indispensable) requirement to them is to possess and use of a traditional bow, arrows with self-nock and natural feathers, and traditional historical clothes as well.

The prize fund of the tournament is 16,000 euro and it is provided by the Historical Park, which is the host and the organizer of the event. The fund aims to reward the best archers and revivalist of this ancient and beautiful art. The fund will be divided into two categories – men and women, three prize places each:

1st place 5,000 euro; 2nd place 2,000 euro; 3rd place 1,000 euro.

Official guests of the tournament will be one of the biggest archers and scholars of the traditional archery in the world – Lucas Novothny (USA), Stephen Selby (Great Britain), etc. During the days from 8th until 10th of May 2020 guests of the tournament and Historical Park will be thousands of admirers of history and military art of their ancestors from Bulgaria and from all civilized world.

All fans of traditional archery are welcome to share with us and the thousands of visitors those 3 magical days of glorious archery!

Tournament Rules

The tournament will only allow the participation of archers that use a traditional bow without additional elements on the bow or arrows, which need to be made out of wood or bamboo and only equipped with natural feathers. Plastic nocks are strictly prohibited! Nocks need to be crafted out of raw material such as horn, bone, and wood, according to the “self-knock” type or without any. Only sports tops are allowed!

It is recommended that each archer has a minimum of twelve arrows ready, in case of damaged or lost arrows. Each arrow needs to be labeled with the name of its owner.

Measuring instruments and marks on the handle or the body of the bow,
which can be used as a target, are not allowed! Only one nock point is allowed on the bowstring. All types of handles are allowed. Triggers and delayed triggering mechanisms are prohibited!

Hitting after a rebound or with an arrow having ricocheted towards the
target will not be counted!

The participants will compete in groups of 3 to 5 archers and every group will have its judge, who will signal the beginning and the end of the shooting and record the points.  

The starting numbers will be determined according to the order of registration and after the weapon check on the 08th of May.

Only parents will have the right to compete within the same group as their children and according to the order of registration.

Chatting with the shooters is absolutely prohibited!

Any discussion, unsportsmanlike behavior or interaction with the archers
about to shoot will not be tolerated! The judges have to right to exclude the competitors that they deem disrespectful. Archers who are disrespectful, contesting the decisions of the judges and referees or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be
immediately disqualified. 

In most of the disciplines provided, the distances will not be announced in advance!

The qualifications, one set per discipline:

  1. Shooting at a square paper target drawn into six smaller squares, which will be randomly numbered from 1 to 6. Shooting will be performed following the numeric order of the squares, moving to the next one and only after hitting the previous one! Hits on a non-consecutive square will not be counted (6 arrows)!
  2. Shooting from a seated position on a 3D animal target (6 arrows).
  3. Shooting from the tower of the aul of the Historical Park. The two targets imitate the torso of a soldier, close and far, spread between the yurts of the military camp! Every archer will have the right to shoot three arrows towards each torso. The order between the two targets will be decided by the referees (6 arrows)!
  4. Shooting at the traditional revolving Bulgarian target. If the target is hit, the shooting stops. (3 arrows).
  5. Shooting over the lake of the Historical Park. The target is a 3D animal (6 arrows).
  6. Shooting on a traditional “puta” Ottoman target (6 arrows).
  7. Shooting a leather target with a diameter of 23 cm at 15 meters. Only the hits within the opening will be counted (6 arrows).
  8. Shooting at thin straw targets, with three areas (6 arrows).
  9. Fast shooting at 15 meters with 40 cm targets. A minimum of five arrows in 30 seconds is needed, but there is no maximum amount.

The finals, with two sets per discipline:

  1. Shooting at the traditional revolving Bulgarian target. If the target is hit, the shooting stops. (3 arrows).
  2. Shooting on a traditional “puta” Ottoman target (6 arrows).
  3. Shooting at a concentric target of 80cm at 60 meters (6 arrows).
  4. Shooting at a clay pot at 30 meters (6 arrows). If the target is hit, the shooting stops.
  5. Fast shooting at 15 meters with 40 cm targets. A minimum of five arrows in 30 seconds is needed, but there is no maximum amount.
  6. Shooting at a 20cm concentric target at 12 meters (6 arrows).


The order of the disciplines will not be the same as detailed here!

The total number of shots estimated in the qualifications and finals is about 110.

Organizers reserve the right to change and reduce disciplines according to meteorological conditions and other factors!

All participants must wear traditional clothes.

The participation fee is 25 EURO


After completing the qualifications and announcing the results, 25% of the participants with the highest overall score in each group, men, women, and children qualify for the final!

The final ranking will be calculated by the total amount of points in the final disciplines, in three groups - men, women, and children. There is a prize fund for the male and female group of 32 000 BGN, the 1st place winning 10000, the 2nd place 4000 and the 3rd 2000 BGN. In the children group, the awards will be physical prizes.

The program of the tournament will also include lectures with the participation of our official guests: S. SELBY and L. NOVOTNY!