Boat trip on the lake

You can relax with the whole family or with a loved one by renting a boat for a pleasant water cruise.

The lake is located in the center of the Historical Park and is divided into three sections, with a total area of 10,000 square meters. Only the middle lake, the largest, is suitable for boats. There is also a boat dock.

The fauna of the lake includes mallard ducks and ornamental fish. We did not invite the frogs but they create a pleasant natural environment. The flora is composed of two types of water lilies.

At the moment, we offer for water cruises with 3 boats with a capacity (maximum load) of 260 kg. This is equivalent to a 4-member family of two adults with two young children.

The lake has a depth of 90 cm and we have life jackets for children. For inexperienced rowers, we also offer a boatman, whose help is included in the price for the cruise.

The attraction is suitable for the entertainment of families with children, to create a romantic atmosphere for lovers and is also a sporting experience for the youth.

The price of the activity is 20 BGN for 30 minutes, per boat.