Indiana Jones and Lara Croft may be the most famous archaeologists known to the public. Although fictional characters, a significant number of films, series, comics, and computer games were created about their adventures. Their travels around the world in search of ancient artifacts and traces of extinct civilizations created a spark in the imagination of young and old.

Investigating how people lived before us, discovering objects they left behind or touching the knowledge they possessed - it has always caused excitement. Today, large-scale excavations are being carried out by experienced archaeologists throughout the world. Thanks to their unrelenting efforts, we know a lot about the ancient peoples inhabiting the land, the monumental buildings they erected - temples, palaces or fortresses, which do not stop marveling us with their grace and splendor.

Fun archaeology is a leisure-focused and educational activity where archaeological excavations under the guidance and instruction of an experienced instructor are carried out in a simulated environment. The unearthed finds are dated according to established methodology and will be kept as a keepsake by the tourist-archaeologist.

In this way, anyone who fascinated by the magic of the past, and who wants to reveal a part of it, to feel like the great discoverers and archaeologists - real or fictional - can experience the thrill of discovery in a unique way.

The attraction is suitable for visitors over 7 years of age.

* Currently not available.