Sculpture of King Seuthes I

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Thrakische Herrscher
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Seuthes I was king of the Odrysian kingdom, son of Sparadok and nephew of Sitalces. He ascended the throne in 427 BC, continuing the active economic and political operations of his predecessor. It is documented that Seuthes managed to renew the alliance with the Athenians. Between 424 and 421 BC, taxes on Greek cities along the northeastern Aegean coast increased dramatically, reaching 400 talents of gold and silver. It is believed that Seuthes placed them under his control. It is written that he amassed an army of Getae mercenaries and launched a military campaign against the Athenians in the southeast in the region of Thracian Chersonese.Seuthes conquered a city, most likely Cardia.The event dates back to 411 BC, but from this moment onwards the information about the Thracian king is lost in the sources.

The individual approach to a gift to a chosen person is of great importance for the result you will achieve. And this sculpture is suitable for people who are about to continue the active work of their predecessor, to take on a new team or to take care of preserving and increasing their heritage.


Signature brass sculpture weighing about 3 kg

Wooden pedestal with a brass plate with the inscription Height ~ 30

Luxury wooden box, rosewood colour with dimensions: 32 x 16 x 14 cm

Certificate in the form of a scroll