First International Traditional Archery Tournament "Historical park"

Shooting range at the Historical Park

The first edition of the international Traditional Archery Tournament "Historical Park" will take place on the 9th of November from 10:00 until 17:00 at the shooting range of the park.

The event is open for visitors and everyone willing to witness this historical for Bulgaria tournament is welcome. Entry tickets can be purchased on-site at the cash desk of the park.

Prices for visitors are as follows:

for adults - 30 BGN

for kids and elders - 15 BGN

for people with special needs - 15 BGN

for groups, you can send an email to info@ipark.bg or call +359 897 208 437 for Slavi

Media contact - +359 897 208 437, slavi.dyakovski@ipark.bg for Slavi Dyakovski

Tournament rules

In the Tournament could participate shooters who own traditional bow, without arrows stand, and wooden or bamboo arrows with natural feathers. 

Self-nock is recommended, but as it’s a first Tournament edition, will be also allowed arrows with plastic nocks.

Arrow tops - sports only!

Any measuring instruments and marks on the bow handle or body, which can be used as aim, are not allowed!

Only one nock-point on a string is allowed!

All grips are allowed.

Triggers are forbidden!

Six arrow shots can be fired in each discipline, except in “Horse Archery”.

It is recommended that each shooter should have at least two more arrows in case of damaged or lost arrows.

Hit after a rebound or a bounced arrow from the target will not be counted!

There will be a judge assigned to each participant, who will start and end the shooting and will register the points.

Any talks with the shooters at the border are absolutely forbidden!

Arrogant and/or drunk shooters will be disqualified.

All targets will be set up on the day of the event.


1. A square paper target is divided into six small squares, which will be numbered randomly from 1 to 6. The shooters must follow the square numbering, so they will be allowed to continue with the next number after hitting the previous one. Hits in a random square are not reported. Competitors will receive 5 points for each square they hit.

2. Bow shooting on 2D fox in sitting position: Competitors will receive 8 points for hitting the killing zone and 4 points for injury area.

3. Bow shooting from the Aul Tower in Historical Park. Competitors will shoot to two torso of warriors, located between yurts in the military camp. One will be placed near and side of the tower, while the second should be far and perpendicular to the tower. Each shooter will have the right to fire three arrows on each of the torso. The judges will decide the sequences and the distance of the shooting on the go.

4. Bow shooting from a horse. Each participant will have the right to fire two arrows at a square paper target, attached to a shield. 8 points for each hit. The horse will be lead by a trained person.

5. Bow shooting over the Lake of Historical Park. Target 3D rabbit. 10 points for each hit.

6. Bow shooting at a 2D partridge, attached on a shield and randomly positioned on the park area. 10 points for hitting the killing area and 5 points to the injury area.

7. Bow shooting at a 2D rabbit, attached on a shield and randomly positioned at the park area. 8 points for hitting the killing area and 4 points for injury area.

The order of the disciplines will not be the same as above. The Tournament organizers are required to change and reduce disciplines, according to the weather conditions or other factors.

It is recommended that participants wear traditional clothing.

The final ranking will be made in three groups - men, women, and children, from a total of points in all 7 disciplines. The first 3 competitors from each group will be awarded Historical Park’s medals.

There will be also one more outstanding discipline, beyond the final ranking, which will provide a separate award.

Tournament participation fee: 10 BGN (per person)

At the end of the tournament, it will be a presentation, dedicated to “Spinning archery target of the Early Medieval Period”.

Lecturer of the presentation will be Milen Petrov - historical reconstructor, a specialist in Bulgarian military affairs, lifestyle and culture from the Early Medieval Period.

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