Historical park

Become a participant in the first ever Night historical game...

This game will get you into a movie where you are the main character! It all starts at 9pm on September 7th. You must first enter the Park, passing through our guardians.

The Historical park closes at 7:30 pm. The doors of the entrance medieval fortress will only be open to the select!

You have limited time to get out of Historical Park! All information is important. Your only choice is to build a strategy and act together! 

You may need to practice an ancient craft, collect different artifacts, go through the various challenges of your senses that are sharpened in the night.

The hardships and battles the ancient people went through will be yours too. The long-lost world will come to life with beauty, knowledge, grandeur, but it also hides mysteries, puzzles and tests.

What are you ready to do to get access to the Thracian feast?

With their own efforts and the assistance of people who have come out of the epoch, the participants go through mental challenges, provocation of the senses, preparation of authentic gifts. 

Get out of your reality and immerse yourself in a different time! You will follow into the steps of Neolithic and Chalcolithic people, to reach the Thracians' luscious time.

A unique experience, mysteries, history, culture, sharpening of the senses, a new type of adventure awaits you during the night of September 7th to September 8th.

Come on September 7th at 9pm in front of the Gate of the Medieval Fortress of the Historical Park and become a participant in the first ever night historical game.

You can participate with your family, friends, colleagues, or meet strangers by signing up by yourself. If you offer travel packages you can offer it to the groups you lead as an additional attraction. If you have a hotel you can offer it to your guests. This experience is aimed only to people who want to try something different and who love challenges.


You will participate in a new type of adventure game that gives you the chance to touch the artifacts of the largest Historical park in the world. 

The game combines thought challenges, orienteering and adventure activities.

Participants unravel the mysteries, analyze historical facts to discover the secrets of individual historical eras so they can enter the world's only Thracian palace. 

The finale of the game comes when the Thracian king greets all the participants in the throne room. But this is not the end of the game, but the beginning of the climax of the evening, ending with a Thracian feast and offering gifts from the participants.

The Night Historical Game is an event suitable for tourists, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, companies or strangers who have signed up to experience something different and without analog in the world. It takes participants back in time to different historical eras. Each participant is like a movie character who writes his or her own scenario every minute. 


  • Midnight puzzles 
  • Sharpening of the senses and provocations in the night 
  • Fight the attacks of the ancients closely, because they are lurking around you in every dark corner 
  • You will feast like a Thracian 
  • Watch out! You may find yourself imprisoned in a Thracian tomb or a Proto-Bulgarian yurt. 
  •  Handle unexpected situations as a warrior in a Thracian tomb. 

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Location: Historical park 

Be the first. The availability is limited. Save your participation now. The offer is valid until the quantities are exhausted.

Anyone who wants to participate in the Night Historical Game can apply to participate by  email desislava.avdzhieva@ipark.bg or by phone +359 887 25 43 17.

This is only the first of the innovative interactive games. Our other historical games are coming soon!

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