Souvenir shop

Visitors will be offered a great variety of souvenirs with historical motifs – from symbolic gifts in order to remember this adventure in the historical park such as magnets, key chains, badges, glasses, etc. to carefully crafted stylized small statuettes of significant personalities from the past. Replicas of ancient treasures with relevant export and trade certificates from the country can also be purchased.

The project was initiated and developed by
in tight cooperation with renown specialists in the field of history, archeology, sculpture,
tourism, management and finances.
The company is a leader in the production of items of art, presentable gifts with a Bulgarian or Thracian theme,
replicas of antique items and treasures, restoration of historical artefacts, production of functional sculptures with historical motives,
interior and exterior design and other similar matters. Treasure is the biggest and most established association of this branch
in Bulgaria with a proven expertise, high quality and precision of the final product.