Historical restorations

The focus of the products and all the services offered in this unique place is to create unique experiences and to ensure a high degree of satisfaction for the visitors. In order this goal to be achieved, historical restorations will be organized, recreating the events of the different epochs shown in the Park.

The performances in front of the audience will include historical reconstructions of clothing, weapons and all the other objects of everyday life that are represented into an authentic storyline. There will be applied strict safety measures in order the visitors to feel protected, for example: blunted blades of the requisite weapon, protective clothing, etc.


The project was initiated and developed by
in tight cooperation with renown specialists in the field of history, archeology, sculpture,
tourism, management and finances.
The company is a leader in the production of items of art, presentable gifts with a Bulgarian or Thracian theme,
replicas of antique items and treasures, restoration of historical artefacts, production of functional sculptures with historical motives,
interior and exterior design and other similar matters. Treasure is the biggest and most established association of this branch
in Bulgaria with a proven expertise, high quality and precision of the final product.