For the press

The Historic Park is designed as a complete cultural and historical complex that offers themed attractions from several historical periods, combined with recreation and various entertainment activities.

The main highlights of the project are:

– authentic architecture;

– a wide range of quality services;

– access for a wide range of users;

– high returns and quick return on investment.

The competitive edge in this direction is enormous.

The overlapping of various societies and civilizations in the past on our lands makes us direct descendants of an incredible wealth of cultural and historical sites and values that have so far been poorly promoted and exploited.

Although Bulgaria occupies only 2% of Europe’s territory, there are about 40,000 historical monuments (7 of which are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List), 36 cultural reserves, 160 monasteries, about 330 museums and galleries. Here are prehistoric finds, Thracian tombs and religious complexes, objects from the ancient Greek period, Roman fortresses, historical places from the time of the First and Second Bulgarian kingdoms, as well as architectural sights from the Renaissance. Many of them are not only unique in nature but they are also relatively unknown to the global community.

The Historic Park provides the opportunity to preserve and promote this heritage. The increased demand for cultural and historical landmarks will lead to the development of a “golden strand” in this industry.


The project was initiated and developed by
in tight cooperation with renown specialists in the field of history, archeology, sculpture,
tourism, management and finances.
The company is a leader in the production of items of art, presentable gifts with a Bulgarian or Thracian theme,
replicas of antique items and treasures, restoration of historical artefacts, production of functional sculptures with historical motives,
interior and exterior design and other similar matters. Treasure is the biggest and most established association of this branch
in Bulgaria with a proven expertise, high quality and precision of the final product.