Building Stages

Fifth Stage – Rome

The most fabulous area will be opened for the visitors at the fifth stage. This is Rome.
The official opening of the fifth stage is scheduled for the beginning of the active tourist season in 2023.
The Rome area is divided into 4 sub-units uniting the agora (open square), a theatre building, an open theatre and a Roman villa.
Agora (open square). This is a square with open inner space lined with columns on all sides. The elevation of the entrance to the square is ± 0.00, and the inner open space -0.45 cm. Before entering the square, the visitors have to pass through a triumphal arch, on both sides of which there is a corridor of corinthian columns on a pedestal, ending with a highly profiled architrave, constructively connected with a 0.70 m reinforced concrete beam for the agora (open square). The total built-up area of this sub-unit is 732.5 m².
The construction is mixed – reinforced concrete with brick filling and metal. On the front facade in front of the construction of the square is built a fortress wall made of 30 cm stone brick. Its height is 7 m and finally ends with cusps (1,20×0,85 m) with stone shutters. Everywhere else in this place there will be a stone tiling of 5 cm. The roof structure of the agora is metal with a slope of 18º. It has roof tiles on top. The flooring material consists of white and black marble.
Theatrе building. It is a two-storey building as the second floor serves only for decor. The facades are richly decorated with pilasters and columns. The cornices are highly profiled. The building is divided into three parts – a shop, a dressing room and a room to the stage. The access to them is from elevation ± 0.00 from the agora (the open square), through three in-door single-wing doors opening inwards. Access to the premises is also from the façade to the theatre. This subtitle appears as a link from the scene to the agora.
The unfolded built-up area is 612.4 m2. The construction is mixed – reinforced concrete with brick filling and metal. The flooring is 5 cm. The roof structure is wooden with a slope of 23 °.
Open theatre. They are amphitheatrically located in open air seating. They are staggered as the size of one row is 100×40 and they are 10 in number. Stairs are provided on four places for easier climbing. The height of the open theatre up to the last row is +4.00 m. At this elevation is located the colonnade, which ends with a highly profiled architrave at elevation +7.65 m. In the middle axis of the theatre, at elevation +1.20 m, is situated the “Emperor’s Lodge”, which consists of four columns, housed in a double-sided roof structure. Behind the lodge there is an entrance/exit that takes the visitor to the back of the theatre. The construction of this substructure is reinforced concrete, the flooring is 5 cm stone, the walls are also lined with 5 cm stone.
Roman villa. This subtitle is separate from the Roman theatre, but it is part of the whole ensemble. It is a one-storey building for expositions of the lifestyle and culture of this era. Functionally it is divided into three halls: anteroom, hall for parties and hall with a pool. The characteristic feature of this hall with the pool is that there is no roof in the middle and it is completely open. Its depth is -0.70 cm and it is only for decoration. The construction of this site is reinforced concrete with brick filling. The roof is divided into two parts. Above the hall with the pool, the construction is metallic with a slope of 16º, supported on metal columns. The roof structure over the other two rooms (anteroom and hall for feasts) is quadruple, wooden, with a slope of 16º. The height of this roof to the elevation is 642 cm. The flooring in the whole building is a mosaic.


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