Building Stages

Fourth Stage – Cinema and Restaurant

During this stage the modern 4D cinema salon and an exquisite restaurant, offering traditional and theme dishes will be added. In this way the Historical Complex will respond in full degree to all expectations for a modern and fully-developed complex with a full range of high-quality services and it will be offering all-year round possibilities for the organizing and running of mass cultural events, community gatherings, private parties and so on.

The official founding of the fourth stage will be in the start of the active season in 2021.

To all first-time visitors the club “Copper Card” will be offered, which guarantees special treatment during all visits, following the issuing of the card. It will be assigned to a particular name and will be usable only by its owner. In that way he will maintain the right to use the entry taxes, offered during the period of his initial visit through the next years or until the moment of announcing of new market conditions.

The project was initiated and developed by
in tight cooperation with renown specialists in the field of history, archeology, sculpture,
tourism, management and finances.
The company is a leader in the production of items of art, presentable gifts with a Bulgarian or Thracian theme,
replicas of antique items and treasures, restoration of historical artefacts, production of functional sculptures with historical motives,
interior and exterior design and other similar matters. Treasure is the biggest and most established association of this branch
in Bulgaria with a proven expertise, high quality and precision of the final product.