“The villages of the Slavins and the Antes are located near the rivers and connect to each other in a way, which makes it so there is no significant distance between them. They live in forests, swamps and countless lakes. They make many exists to their homes because of the different dangers, which usually surround them. They bury their necessary belongings at a secret place, they don’t keep anything unnecessarily visible.”

Pseudomavrikius – Strategikon (VII)
In historical sources the Slavs can be found towards the beginning of AD, which defines a gigantic ethnic community. Throughout the centuries the paths of the early Slavic tribes and their culture cross those of other peoples and date back to the BC centuries. There are undoubted connections between the Slavic traditions and the marks for development of the civilizations from the Stone and Copper-Stone Age. The Slavs were mostly croppers, but their ways of working the land did not allow the feeding of large communities of people. For that reason they lived in small separate villages. The separated and independent way of life for so many centuries did not allow them to develop a centralized form of governance and a primary jurisdiction. As a result of that the frequent enemy attacks forced constant migration and did not allow a more settled lifestyle or the development of a high material culture and architecture.

The Slavs reached the peak of their power towards centuries VI-VII as a result of gradual consolidation and social development, especially in the lands of Eastern Europe. Their further existence and development as an ethnos on the Balkans is tightly connected to their union with the Old Bulgarians and the appearance of the Bulgarian country.

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